Gunbarrel Estates

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Gunbarrel Estates is located in the community of Gunbarrel. It was largely a rural and agricultural environment up until early 1960. However, residential subdivisions and businesses such as IBM (1965) began locating in the area. Today Gunbarrel has a suburban character. It is both an employment center and a residential community. Major employers in Gunbarrel are IBM and Celestial Seasonings. The Gunbarrel Town Center is a central gathering place and a retail center for the community. Above all, it is family friendly community, surrounded by open space and the LoBo trail.
History of Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado

1977 Brochure

History of Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado
History of Gunbarrel Colorado

The Park in 1986

History of Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado
History of Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado

Gunbarrel Estates
Metropolitan Recreation and Park District

The Park

The Gunbarrel Estates Metropolitan Recreation and Park District, is a Special District of the State of Colorado. It is supported by your taxes, and has an annual budget of approximately $50,000. The Park Board is responsible for maintenance and planning for capital improvements. In addition, planned improvements are upgrades to the sprinkler system, as well as the playground equipment.


The park is alive with activities year-round. Birthday celebrations, youth soccer practice, summer outdoor movie nights, dog play times and kite flying takes place at any time. Additionally, the park also hosts Gunbarrel Estates Homeowners Association events, the spring Easter Egg Hunt, the GEHOA 7 Summer Saturdays and the fall Chili Cook-off. The Board does not require or grant reservations for use of the park or the gazebo for events. Usage is on a first-come first-served basis.

The Board

The Park Board has five members with four-year terms. Elections are every two years . Over the years, community members have given their time and talents to this voluntary board. Above all, the current board is committed to building on their legacy in maintaining and improving our beautiful park.

Current Board Members
Allan Trumpler – President
Paul Stone – Treasurer
Brian Bixler – Secretary
Bill Hathaway-Clark – Board member
Theron Hreno – Board member

Generally, the board meets on the first Monday of the month. Notices of the meetings are posted on Nextdoor, at the information kiosk in the park, on this website and with the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder. All Gunbarrel Estates residents are welcome to attend. The Gunbarrel Park Board is not officially affiliated with the HOA, a voluntary community organization supported by dues.

Neighborhood Little Libraries

Little Book Library Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado

Located on Mount Sherman Road and Colt Drive

Little Book Library Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado

Located on Mount Evans Place and Gunbarrel Road

Little Book Library Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado

Located on Mount Meeker

Gunbarrel Estates Homeowners Association

The Gunbarrel Estates Homeowners Association Board (GEHOA) was formed in March of 1970. It has been operating ever since. Every year GEHOA sponsors an Easter Egg Hunt/Brunch and a Chili Cook Off.  Every other year there is a neighborhood dumpster event called ‘Trash to Treasures’.

Gunbarrel Boulder Colorado

The Board

The Gunbarrel Estates Home Owners Association board meets a few times a year, usually for event planning. All neighbors are welcome to attend.

Current Board Members
Stacee McGovern – President
Jim Butler – Vice President
Joyce Frailey – Treasurer
Theo Dierks – Greeter
Mary Eldred – Secretary
Nikki Casterson


Board meeting notifications will be posted on Nextdoor and on Facebook. Annual dues are $30 and are payable by check, Venmo or Paypal. In addition, make sure that you note your name and address when making a payment.
Check or cash: GEHOA dropbox at 7355 Park Lane Road
For questions send email to

Download GEHOA Covenants

Current Newsletter

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